Spiritual Healers

Who are we?

From regulars to guest appearances, discover the energy healers who will work on the group. In case you want to contact one of them directly for a private session, you will find their website address with their bio.

Bret Ressler

Bret has been practicing Usui Reiki Level 1 since 2006. Recently after taking his level 2 course he has started his own practice. Reiki is an essential holistic and natural approach to healing, using Life Force Energy (Chi, Ki, Prana) by using various techniques.

Website: https://www.innerlightreiki.org/

Federica Calandra

Federica is an intuitive channeler and spiritual coach specialized in connecting to spirit guides to deliver messages meant to be heard in the moment.

She is eager to support your awakening and the transition from 3D to 5D. Based on her own experiences and challenges, she will strive teach you how to overcome your specific challenges and to manifest the life you deserve and dream of. She provides the tools for spiritual growth, so that you are empowered to heal karma and your limiting beliefs for your entire life!

Marie Guerdin

Marie is a hypnotherapist, a QHHT and BQH practitioner who also trained in classical and transgenerational hypnosis (family constellations). She will know what method will suit you best according to your issues. With QHHT and BQH you can have past live regressions, energy healing from Source, regain skills from other lives, cleanse your family line, connect to your Soul Family, find out what Starseed you are and get messages from your Higher Self. She mixes Dolores Cannon’s methods with other techniques for the consultant’s well being. She will care for you with gentleness. A session with her can be a life-changing experience!

Website: https://www.marieguerdin.fr/

Sandra Daniels - Energy Healer

Sandra Daniels

Sandra is an energy practitioner and channeler who releases past life experiences (without regression), inherited energies, and thoughts and emotions from this life (Body Code).

Many behavioural tendencies originate in past lives, explaining the anxiety felt in situations like speaking up, being visible, and public speaking – to name just a few. Physical problems such as breathing, digestion and bodily pains can also arise from past lives, as do fears and phobias. Once we identify and releases these lives, the bodily issue or inner resistance often disappears or significantly improves. How might past lives be affecting you?

Website: https://sandradaniels.ca/

Patrice Krysztofiak - Medical Intuitive

Patrice Krysztofiak

Patrice has been blessed by the universe to be able to see inside bodies, like an X-Ray machine! He can also figure out who is the most suited healer in order to direct you to the right practionner in such a way that you can optimize your spiritual healing in no time! Thanks to his gift you’ll save a lot of time in your healing journey. He has also been identified by other healers as a “transmuter”. He can remove the dark energies and past lives traumas and turn that into light, that enables people to heal themselves really quickly. Afterwards, people feel uplifted, more joyful and more energetic within a couple of days after a session with him.

Website: https://www.nightshiftguy.com/

Amy Matthews - Angel Reiki

Amy Matthews

Amy is a Usui and Angel Reiki practitioner.

Amy calls in the love and light of the divine during her sessions. You may feel the presence of the Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Ancestors, Galactic Healers, and more recently the Elementals, during her healing sessions.

Delphine Vandevoorde - Shamann

Delphine Vandevoorde

Her accompaniment and her care are the image of her person. Everything comes from the heart. She is an artist who uses her intuition… She never knows how a session will unfold, and that’s the fun part.She can use her hands, her voice, her drum… What is certain is that her treatments are filled with gentleness, love and kindness.

Website: https://www.delphinevandevoorde.com/

Inês Maia

Inês is a Light Coding/Language Channeller, Quantum Healer, Intuitive, Reiki Practitioner, and Meditation Teacher. Since her awakening in 2020, She has been dedicating her life to the study of Energy. Her focus as a Soul is to bring forgotten knowledge and be a guide and facilitator of Emotional Healing and Ascension. In her sessions she holds a space of non judgment and helps you go within to reclaim your power, purpose and harness your greatest potential, by bridging realms and be a safe bridge between – the seen and the unseen, conscious – subconscious, human -spirit.

Website: https://www.holisticallystudio.com

Alejandra Orosco - PSYCH-K

Alejandra Orozco

Since 2019, Alejandra has been working both as a development practitioner and as a Master Facilitator of Psychological Kinesiology (PSYCH-K®). PSYCH-K comprises various techniques to support emotional healing and the transformation of traumatic experiences and limiting beliefs.

Website: https://alejaorozco.com/


Leonie channels and gives readings about how you can use your potential and talent in your daily life.
Le-o-ns is her name and of her spiritual guides. They have connections with aliens, saints, angels, departed humans & eastern masters. In the reading you will receive advice from their perspective.
Leonie also gives third eye distance reiki, to support the balance in your third eye during your spiritual progress.

Website: https://www.le-o-ns.com/

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